How to Generate Stable Diffusion Prompts Using ChatGPT [Guide]

Stable Diffusion, a deep learning text-to-image model released in 2022, offers a wide range of applications and functionalities. Primarily designed for generating highly detailed images based on text descriptions, this powerful model can also be utilized for tasks such as inpainting, outpainting, and image-to-image translations guided by text prompts. With its latent diffusion architecture, Stable Diffusion belongs to the category of deep generative neural networks.

The versatility of Stable Diffusion extends to image and video processing tasks, including denoising, inpainting, and super-resolution. By leveraging its ability to generate new data samples resembling the training data, it becomes a valuable tool for data augmentation. When employed for text-to-image generation, users can input a text prompt and witness the model generate a corresponding image. Furthermore, Stable Diffusion allows for image-to-image translation guided by a text prompt, opening up possibilities for creative visual transformations. Another application of this model lies in inpainting, where it selectively modifies specific masked areas of an existing image.

The active voice employed by Stable Diffusion enables it to produce remarkable results in diverse domains, seamlessly transitioning from textual input to visually compelling output. Whether you seek to generate lifelike images, enhance existing ones, or explore creative possibilities through text-guided transformations, Stable Diffusion stands ready to empower your endeavors with its impressive capabilities.

How to Generate Stable Diffusion Prompts Using ChatGPT [Guide]
Images produced using Stable Diffusion.

Why generate prompts with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI model that uses deep learning to generate human-like text based on prompts from users like you. The purpose of a prompt is to guide the AI in understanding the context and the user’s expectations, enabling it to generate a relevant and useful output. In essence, a prompt acts as a conversation starter or a request for information, giving ChatGPT the necessary guidance to formulate its response.

Creating clear and concise prompts is important for ChatGPT because it can generate more accurate responses that better meet user needs. Consistency in language use helps to create a seamless experience for users while maintaining brand voice and tone. Faster responses boost your productivity and get things done on time.

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How to generate Stable Diffusion prompts using ChatGPT?

  1. Login or Register on the ChatGPT website.

    You can login using your Mail, Google, Apple or Microsoft accounts.
  2. Make an concise prompt request:

    To ensure effective communication with ChatGPT and achieve the desired results, it is important to follow these sub-steps when requesting prompts for a detailed illustration portrait:

    a) Clearly Specify the Image Style:
    Specify the precise style of the image you have in mind. For instance, if you desire a “photorealistic close-up illustration,” make sure to explicitly state this requirement. Providing such specific details helps eliminate ambiguity and enhances the AI’s understanding of your desired output.

    b) Define a Specific Subject:
    Consistency in the generated output can be achieved by establishing a fixed subject. This subject can encompass various options such as objects, animals, landscapes, or individuals. For example, if you choose a specific celebrity like “Ana de Armas” as your subject, it becomes a powerful keyword that significantly influences the appearance, style, and composition of the portrait prompts generated by ChatGPT.

    c) Utilize Priming with Examples:
    To further enhance the prompt output from ChatGPT, provide two or more examples that reflect the desired style and subject. These examples serve as a blueprint for ChatGPT, helping it better understand your expectations. By aligning the examples with your chosen image style and subject, you can streamline the AI’s comprehension of your requirements.

    Remember, by following these steps and providing clear instructions, you can effectively communicate your vision and increase the likelihood of receiving prompts that align with your desired illustration portrait.

Your assembled ChatGPT prompt may resemble:

Examples of high-quality prompts for a stunning close-up photorealistic illustration of Margot Robbie for text-to-image models (Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, or Dall-E, etc)

-“A victorian-era, colourful potrait of Margot Robbie, aesthetically pleasing, vintage royal style, trending on popular art platforms, minutely detailed, with precise, sharp lines, a composition that qualifies as an award-winning illustration, presented in 4K resolution, inspired by master artists like Eugene de Blaas and Ross Tran, employing a vibrant color palette, intricately detailed.”

-“A potrait exuding Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci’s distinctive styles, an ultra-detailed and hyper-realistic portrayal of Margot Robbie, designed with Lisa Frank aesthetics, featuring popular art elements such as butterflies and florals, sharp focus, akin to a high-quality studio photograph, with meticulous detailing, made famous by artists such as Tvera, Wlop, and Artgerm.

3. Assessing the Output of ChatGPT:

Based on your comprehensive request, ChatGPT will respond with a collection of innovative prompts tailored to match your specified style and subject matter.

You can directly incorporate these challenges into Stable Diffusion v1.5 using your preferred settings.

To ensure the exclusion of undesirable properties in the generated art, it is recommended to use an appropriate negative such as:

codeugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, extra limbs, disfigured, deformed, body out of frame, 
bad anatomy, watermark, signature, cut off, low contrast, underexposed, overexposed, bad art, beginner, amateur, distorted face
How to Generate Stable Diffusion Prompts Using ChatGPT [Guide]
This is the output that I got from Stable Diffusion.

4. Modifying Prompts for Various Situations:

Your modified request might look like this:

Examples of high-quality prompts for a stunning close-up photorealistic illustration of Margot Robbie for text-to-image models (Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, or Dall-E, etc)

  • “Create a jaw-dropping, photorealistic full-body illustration of Margot Robbie, capturing her essence in stunning detail. Emulate the style of renowned artists like Alex Ross and Audrey Kawasaki, incorporating their signature techniques. Showcase Margot Robbie in a dynamic pose that highlights her grace and elegance. Employ a rich color palette and exquisite shading to bring the artwork to life, making it an instant sensation on art platforms and garnering critical acclaim.”
  • “Produce an awe-inspiring, close-up full-body portrait of Margot Robbie, radiating glamour and charm. Crafted with the precision of a master artist, the illustration should display intricate details, from the texture of her skin to the intricate patterns of her attire. Draw inspiration from the works of Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, infusing the artwork with their distinct decorative styles. Use vibrant colors and expressive brushwork to capture Margot Robbie’s unique personality, creating a masterpiece that leaves viewers mesmerized.”

5. Request for other similar prompts:

If a particular prompt interests you, you can request more similar examples from ChatGPT.

A simple request can be:

"I find the third prompt useful. Could you provide more examples in a similar style?"

This tells the AI ​​to give you more options in the same way you like.

This level of customization is key to ensuring that the propagation reports generated are truly what you had in mind from the start.

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That concludes the step-by-step guide on how to effectively use ChatGPT to generate intricate and informative prompts for Stable Diffusion. You have now gained a thorough understanding of the systematic approach that empowers you to tap into the creative potential of AI and cultivate your own unique artistic vision.

With Stable Diffusion, your adventure has just begun, promising a multitude of opportunities to further your knowledge and proficiency in this advanced AI technique.

As you progress, you will find ample ways to delve deeper into the intricacies of Stable Diffusion and continually improve your ability to harness its power.

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