S.No. Stable Diffusion Anime Prompts (Boy)
137 “Boy, Samurai style, anime, amber eyes, tied-up topknot, traditional kimono, historical period anime style, wielding a katana.”
138 “Boy, Chinese martial artist style, anime, deep brown eyes, short black hair in a topknot, traditional Chinese martial arts attire, action-packed anime style, executing a powerful roundhouse kick.”
139 “Boy, Ninja style, anime, silver eyes, spiky red hair, black attire with shurikens, action-packed anime style, leaping through the air with a katana in hand.”
140 “Boy, Knight style, anime, piercing blue eyes, medium-length brown hair, adorned in knight armor with a sword and shield, epic fantasy anime style, charging into battle.”
141 “Boy, Magical boy style, anime, emerald eyes, messy blue hair, adorned with magical accessories, transformation sequence, magical girl anime style, summoning elemental powers.”
142 “Boy, Musician style, anime, expressive green eyes, messy blond hair with a guitar slung over his shoulder, indie rock band attire, music-themed anime style, performing on a crowded stage.”
143 “Boy, Sci-fi pilot style, anime, violet eyes, silver spiky hair, futuristic pilot suit, mecha anime style, piloting a giant robot in an intense space battle.”
144 “Boy, Detective style, anime, sharp gray eyes, sleek black hair, wearing a detective trench coat and holding a magnifying glass, mystery thriller anime style, solving a complex case.”
145 “Boy, Superhero style, anime, indigo eyes, black messy hair, dynamic superhero costume, action-packed superhero anime style, soaring through the city skyline.”
146 “Boy, Ninja assassin style, anime, intense purple eyes, spiky black hair, dressed in a stealthy ninja outfit with hidden weapons, stealth-action anime style, disappearing into the shadows.”
147 “Boy, Gamer style, anime, amber eyes, brown spiky hair, casual attire with a game controller in hand, gaming-themed anime style, engaged in an intense virtual battle.”
148 “Boy, Sci-fi hacker style, anime, electric blue eyes, futuristic silver hair with cybernetic enhancements, wearing a high-tech hacker suit, cyberpunk anime style, infiltrating a secure facility.”
149 “Boy, Street dancer style, anime, hazel eyes, stylish urban attire with headphones, breakdancing and performing intricate dance moves, music and dance-themed anime style.”
150 “Boy, Sports prodigy style, anime, determined brown eyes, athletic physique with short brown hair, wearing a sports uniform with a ball in hand, sports anime style, showcasing his incredible skills on the field.”
151 “Boy, Pirate style, anime, ocean blue eyes, messy black hair, pirate hat and eyepatch, wielding a cutlass, high-seas adventure anime style, aboard a pirate ship amidst a fierce storm.”
152 “Boy, Time traveler style, anime, mysterious amber eyes, messy auburn hair, dressed in a time-traveling outfit with a futuristic device, sci-fi adventure anime style, journeying through different eras.”
153 “Boy, Music prodigy style, anime, amethyst eyes, wild purple hair with headphones, playing a musical instrument with skill and passion, music-themed anime style, mesmerizing the audience with his performance.”
154 “Boy, Martial arts master style, anime, intense crimson eyes, black spiky hair, donned in a gi with martial arts belts, martial arts anime style, executing a series of lightning-fast punches and kicks.”
155 “Boy, Inventor style, anime, bright green eyes, messy brown hair with goggles, wearing a lab coat and carrying a toolbox, steampunk-inspired anime style, surrounded by intricate gadgets and inventions.”
156 “Boy, Superpower prodigy style, anime, striking silver eyes, tousled white hair with a unique aura, wearing a mysterious symbol-emblazoned outfit, supernatural anime style, unleashing his extraordinary powers.”
157 “Boy, Spirit medium style, anime, gentle turquoise eyes, wavy ash-blond hair, adorned with spiritual charms and a staff, supernatural anime style, communicating with ethereal beings.”
158 “Full body, 25-year-old boy anime ninja, spiky blue hair, black ninja attire with a mask and shurikens.”
159 “Full body, 30-year-old man anime samurai, tied-up silver hair, traditional samurai armor with a katana.”
160 “Full body, 27-year-old boy anime mage, slicked-back green hair, flowing robes with intricate magical symbols, holding a staff.”
161 “Full body, 28-year-old man anime scientist, wild white hair with lab goggles, lab coat with vials and beakers.”
162 “Full body, 26-year-old boy anime adventurer, tousled brown hair, explorer outfit with a backpack and a compass.”
163 “Full body, 23-year-old boy anime superhero, spiky red hair with a heroic costume and a mask, striking a powerful pose.”
164 “Boy, Magical musician style, anime, enchanting aquamarine eyes, long flowing silver hair, playing a mystical musical instrument, surrounded by a symphony of magical notes, enchanting fantasy anime style.”
165 “Boy, Robot pilot style, anime, intense emerald eyes, spiky red hair, wearing a futuristic pilot suit, piloting a giant robot in epic battles, mecha anime style, commanding his robotic ally.”

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Fantasy Stable Diffusion Anime Prompts

S.No. Fantasy Stable Diffusion Anime Prompts
166 “Fantasy. Sylvaria, an elven enchantress, adorned in intricate robes. Full-body portrait, Sylvaria designed by Akihiko Yoshida, oil painting by Donato Giancola. Radiant and ethereal, emerald eyes sparkling with magic, flowing silver hair, serene expression, slender and graceful figure. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Soft, mystical lighting. By artistryofimagination.”
167 “Fantasy. Aiden Stormrider, a rugged and fearless pirate captain. Half-body portrait, Aiden designed by Tetsuya Nomura, oil painting by Todd Lockwood. Charismatic and daring, piercing stormy eyes, windswept black hair, mischievous smile, strong and muscular build. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Dramatic, sea-inspired lighting. By seafarerartist.”
168 “Fantasy. Aurora, a powerful sorceress in a majestic tower. Full-body portrait, Aurora designed by Kim Hyung Tae, oil painting by Dan Dos Santos. Mystical and enigmatic, piercing amethyst eyes, cascading platinum blonde hair, elegant and regal presence, flowing robes adorned with arcane symbols. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Soft, ethereal lighting. By mysticbrushstrokes.”
169 “Fantasy. Draven Darkblade, a brooding and mysterious rogue assassin. Half-body portrait, Draven designed by Yoshitaka Amano, oil painting by Chris Rahn. Dark and intriguing, piercing crimson eyes, unkempt black hair, stoic expression, lean and agile physique. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Shadowy, moonlit lighting. By shadowrendart.”
170 “Fantasy. Seraphina, a celestial warrior with angelic wings. Full-body portrait, Seraphina designed by Range Murata, oil painting by Brom. Graceful and divine, piercing sapphire eyes, flowing golden hair, serene and compassionate expression, ethereal wings spanning wide. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Radiant, heavenly lighting. By celestialeasel.”
171 “Fantasy. Magnus Stormforge, a mighty dwarven warrior with a massive warhammer. Half-body portrait, Magnus designed by Brian Froud, oil painting by Brom. Strong and resilient, intense emerald eyes, braided fiery red hair, fierce battle-ready expression, muscular and stout frame. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Bold, fiery lighting. By dwarvensketches.”
172 “Fantasy. Elysia Nightshade, a seductive and elusive rogue thief. Full-body portrait, Elysia designed by Luis Royo, oil painting by Nekro. Alluring and dangerous, piercing jade eyes, sleek midnight black hair, playful and sly smile, slender and agile figure. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Mysterious, moonlit lighting. By shadowybrushstrokes.”
173 “Fantasy. Valerius Blackthorn, a wise and enigmatic wizard with a staff. Half-body portrait, Valerius designed by Paul Bonner, oil painting by Terese Nielsen. Ancient and knowledgeable, piercing azure eyes, long silver-gray hair, serene and contemplative expression, flowing robes adorned with arcane symbols. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Soft, mystical lighting. By wisewizardart.”
174 “Fantasy. Astrid Moonstone, a fierce and skilled elven archer. Full-body portrait, Astrid designed by Victoria Frances, oil painting by Natascha Roeoesli. Bold and determined, piercing emerald eyes, flowing moonlit silver hair, fierce battle-ready expression, lithe and agile figure. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Dynamic, forest-inspired lighting. By archeressartist.”
175 “Fantasy. Lyra Whisperwind, a gentle and magical forest nymph. Half-body portrait, Lyra designed by Anne Stokes, oil painting by Kinuko Y. Craft. Enchanting and ethereal, luminous amethyst eyes, cascading emerald green hair, serene and peaceful expression, delicate and graceful figure. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Soft, enchanting lighting. By forestfaeart.”
176 “Sci-fi. Nova Starr, a fearless space explorer in a high-tech suit. Full-body portrait, Nova designed by Syd Mead, digital art by Sparth. Bold and adventurous, piercing cyan eyes, sleek silver hair, confident and determined expression, futuristic suit with glowing elements. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Futuristic, cosmic lighting. By stellarnavigator.”
177 “Steampunk. Victor Ironwood, a brilliant inventor with mechanical gadgets. Half-body portrait, Victor designed by Kieran Yanner, oil painting by David Rapoza. Ingenious and eccentric, piercing amber eyes, styled brown hair with gears and goggles, enthusiastic and curious expression, adorned with steampunk attire and gadgets. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Steampunk, brass-toned lighting. By steamcraftartist.”
178 “Horror. Lily Thornfield, a haunted ghost haunting an old Victorian mansion. Full-body portrait, Lily designed by Brom, digital art by Travis Smith. Eerie and ethereal, haunting glowing eyes, flowing dark hair, sorrowful and tormented expression, tattered and ethereal ghostly gown. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Sinister, haunting lighting. By ghostlybrushstrokes.”
179 “Supernatural. Gabriel Nightshade, a brooding vampire with a dark secret. Half-body portrait, Gabriel designed by Victoria Francés, oil painting by Anne Stokes. Mysterious and seductive, intense crimson eyes, jet-black hair, enigmatic and alluring expression, dressed in Victorian-inspired attire with a hint of fangs. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Gothic, moonlit lighting. By supernaturalartist.”
180 “Mystery. Evelyn Rivers, a brilliant detective solving complex crimes. Full-body portrait, Evelyn designed by Phil Noto, digital art by J.P. Targete. Sharp and observant, piercing hazel eyes, sleek brunette hair, analytical and focused expression, donning a detective coat and holding a magnifying glass. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Noir, shadowy lighting. By mysteriousink.”
181 “Adventure. Max Thunderheart, a daring treasure hunter exploring ancient ruins. Half-body portrait, Max designed by Gerald Brom, oil painting by Raymond Swanland. Bold and fearless, intense emerald eyes, wild brown hair, adventurous and determined expression, dressed in rugged explorer attire with various artifacts. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Dynamic, torch-lit lighting. By adventurousart.”
182 “Romance. Isabella Rosewood, a graceful ballerina dancing in a moonlit garden. Full-body portrait, Isabella designed by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, oil painting by Kinuko Y. Craft. Elegant and ethereal, sparkling amethyst eyes, flowing rose-gold hair, serene and passionate expression, wearing a beautiful ballet costume. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Romantic, moonlit lighting. By enchantedbrushstrokes.”
183 “Cyberpunk. Nova Shadowrunner, a skilled hacker navigating the neon-lit cityscape. Full-body portrait, Nova designed by Masamune Shirow, digital art by Simon Stålenhag. Technologically enhanced and mysterious, glowing cybernetic eyes, sleek silver hair, secretive and focused expression, dressed in futuristic cyberpunk attire. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Neon, cyberpunk lighting. By cyberartistry.”
184 “Superhero. Blaze Firestorm, a fearless hero with fire manipulation abilities. Half-body portrait, Blaze designed by Jim Lee, digital art by Alex Ross. Heroic and powerful, intense fiery eyes, fiery red hair, determined and heroic expression, wearing a superhero costume with flames. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Dynamic, explosive lighting. By blazingartist.”
185 “Western. Wyatt Rivers, a skilled gunslinger in the Wild West. Full-body portrait, Wyatt designed by Mark Schultz, oil painting by Greg Manchess. Rugged and determined, piercing steely blue eyes, rugged brown hair, stern and weathered expression, dressed in a cowboy hat, duster coat, and holding a six-shooter. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Western, sunset lighting. By westernbrushstrokes.”
186 “Post-apocalyptic. Jade Steelheart, a resilient survivor in a desolate wasteland. Half-body portrait, Jade designed by Yoshitaka Amano, oil painting by Brom. Strong and fierce, piercing green eyes, wild platinum blonde hair, hardened and determined expression, wearing scavenged armor and holding a makeshift weapon. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Desolate, gritty lighting. By wastelandartist.”
187 “Comedy. Oliver Jester, a goofy and clumsy comedian with a knack for making people laugh. Half-body portrait, Oliver designed by Yoh Yoshinari, oil painting by Shunya Yamashita. Lighthearted and expressive, sparkling green eyes, messy red hair, infectious and jovial expression, dressed in colorful and mismatched clothes. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Playful, comedic lighting. By laughoutloudart.”
188 “Dystopian. Ember Stone, a rebellious freedom fighter in a dystopian society. Full-body portrait, Ember designed by Jamie Hewlett, digital art by Daniel Dociu. Defiant and determined, piercing steel-gray eyes, fiery red hair, fierce and resolute expression, adorned with rebel attire and armed with futuristic weapons. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Gritty, dystopian lighting. By dystopiaartist.”
189 “Slice of Life. Sakura Hanamoto, a cheerful and optimistic high school student pursuing her dreams. Half-body portrait, Sakura designed by Ai Yazawa, oil painting by Ayumi Kasai. Vibrant and full of life, sparkling brown eyes, long flowing pink hair, warm and friendly expression, dressed in a school uniform with a dreamy backdrop. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Soft, natural lighting. By sliceoflifebrushes.”
190 “Action. Ryuji Thunderstrike, a powerful martial artist with lightning-fast reflexes. Full-body portrait, Ryuji designed by Hiromu Arakawa, digital art by Shinsuke Komaki. Intense and focused, piercing amber eyes, spiked black hair, determined and fierce expression, wearing a martial arts gi with lightning motifs. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Dynamic, electrifying lighting. By actionartistry.”
191 “Sports. Mia Summers, a talented and determined athlete excelling in track and field. Half-body portrait, Mia designed by Takeshi Obata, oil painting by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau. Competitive and driven, determined green eyes, sleek brown hair tied in a ponytail, athletic and focused expression, dressed in a track uniform with a stadium backdrop. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Energetic, sports-inspired lighting. By sportsartstudio.”
192 “Music. Caleb Harmony, a charismatic musician with a soulful voice and guitar skills. Full-body portrait, Caleb designed by Range Murata, digital art by Yuko Shimizu. Passionate and captivating, deep blue eyes, tousled brown hair, charismatic and expressive expression, holding a guitar and surrounded by musical notes. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Moody, music-infused lighting. By harmonicartist.”
193 “School Life. Sakura Nakamura, a bright and friendly student navigating the ups and downs of high school. Half-body portrait, Sakura designed by CLAMP, oil painting by Mel Milton. Cheerful and kind-hearted, sparkling violet eyes, long flowing black hair, warm and approachable expression, dressed in a school uniform with a school hallway backdrop. Hand-drawn illustration. Highly detailed. Soft, natural lighting. By school-lifebrushes.”
194 “Thriller. Jack Malone, a cunning detective investigating complex criminal cases. Full-body portrait, Jack designed by Tsutomu Nihei, digital art by Karl Kopinski. Sharp and observant, piercing gray eyes, slicked-back black hair,

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