Does Character.AI Save Your Chats?

Today in the era of artificial intelligence revolution humans are sharing their emotions and what not with machines. They have become inseparable part of our lifestyle and we can’t of our single day without them. In this background the rumours claiming these tools save our personal data is really bothersome. That is why you can ask does Character.AI save your chats as it is also a popular AI tool. In this article, we will be exploring answers to this question.

What Is Character.AI

First of all before making any conclusions it will be good if we talk about a little. Well as you may already know is an AI tool that engages users with interactive conversations.

It offers them a plethora of characters, including famous celebrities, personalities and even their fictional characters. Users can create a group chat here and add as many characters they want to.

This AI tool is designed in such a way that the characters you will use, will respond according to their traits. So it just feels like you are talking with a living human and not to a machine.

Does Character.AI Save Your Chats

Now, here comes the main question, does Character.AI save your chats. Well, some people say it is possible because developers are reading user’s messages and content they share.

However, through their FAQs section, the developers of has cleared out these rumours and highlighted below points.

  • According to them, developers do see your messages or the content in those messages. But it is just for training the machine and that content is collected anonymously.
  • So they really don’t what user from where is chatting what with
  • All the chats that you do with your characters is kept private, safe and secure and no – third party can access that.
  • Unless you share it with public your data, content and chats are secure and not displayed on public platforms.
  • Also in case you are using a character that is developed any another user, them also they will not be able to see your chats.
  • Once you choose a character and start a conversation with it, the chats are between you two only.

How To Check Saved Chats

Now how to check that does Character.AI save your chats or not. Well it is pretty simple, your account is saving your chats for future use.

For instance, you can use your previous saved chats in future and take a new direction to your conversation. That is why your account saves your chats. You can check what chats it has saved by following below steps.

  • Firstly login to your account and visit the chat section.
  • There you will see characters with whom you are chatting; now you can select any character.
  • In the upper right side corner you will see three dots, just press a tab on it.
  • Now, you will see a pop up on your screen saying ‘view saved chats’.
  • After this you can see what chats are saved and what you want to unsave.

Final Takeaway

Therefore, we have seen that is an entertaining and engaging AI tool. It is best for interactive conversations and feels like you are just talking with a human.

Amid of rumours that it saves user’s chat and breach their privacy, the company owners have refuted this thing. They have assured the users that their chats and other personal details are kept safe and private.

Their details including the content they share through their chats are only used for further modifications. And that too is collected anonymously so you don’t need to worry about your privacy or any other thing.

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