Silly Tavern AI – How To Install And Use It?

If you are looking for an incredible way to entertain yourself or just kill your time. Then you have hit the right page, where you will get to know about silly tavern AI.

You might have heard its name in the AI entertainment field, and if not then don’t worry. Because you will be getting all information related to it here, so without any delays let’s dig in.

Silly tavern AI

First of all, if you haven’t heard the term silly tavern AI then let’s acquainted with it first. So, it is a refined version of the TavernAI tool that elevates the AI chat experience.

In this new version it offers a seamless experience to users and is an entertaining companion to them. If you are looking for a more interactive chat AI experience then this is for you.

While other AI chat tools come with some restrictions and filters, it provides its users with freedom. Therefore, to wrap it up we can say that silly tavern AI is engaging and interesting. And it used one – time and direct dialogue style rather just providing with long and boring answers.

What It Offers

Want to more about silly tavern, then this section is only for you. In the above section we merely get an idea what it is like. However, if you are interested to know more about it then let’s hope in.

It is actually a chat AI tool that takes conversation with chatbots to another level. In this tool you can talk with your own character.

Or you can create some fantasy characters and then talk with them. Also if you like any celebrity to talk with then you can do that too through this tool.

What makes it completely stand apart from others is its features that it provides to the users. It doesn’t have any one character to offer, not you can only interact with one at a time.

You can create your group chat and then add all the characters you want. Then you can talk with them and guide the conversation. For that you just need to type some prompts and you are ready to lead the interaction.

Also if you want then you can save your chat through your app settings. Then in future you can take that piece again and start conversation again while giving it new direction.

For the newbies it has very simple and straightforward wizards so that you can finish up the settings without any hassle.

How To Get Started With Silly Tavern AI

Do you know you can use silly tavern AI from any device, whether its your laptop, desktop, table or even through smartphone. Thus what just you need to do is to install this great AI tool on your device.

To get started just follow the below steps,

  • Firstly install NodeJS on your device and then move ahead to install GitHub Desktop.
  • After it you need to launch Windows Explorer and when new windows open navigate to a current folder.
  • If not available then you can create a new folder too.
  • Now in that folder, hit the address bar, enter CMD.
  • As a next step you need to copy the command to the line interface.
  • Now when you have completed all this, double tap on ‘Start.bat’, and you will see silly tavern’s pop up on your screen.

Final Takeaway

Therefore, we can see that silly tavern AI is a truly AI tool that will entertain you in an amazing way. If you like the character play, or indulge in the fantasy world, then this app will add new dimensions to your world.

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